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I only favorite art that makes me smile and really think about what the artist was attempting to portray.




Empress Peach (Battle Ready) 2.0 by Jeticus
Empress Peach (Battle Ready) 2.0
Just a redesign of Empress Peach using my new skills, its not really an improvement though i guess it could be. I shortened the skirt and fixed the crown. I also made the shield seem easier to handle and turned her long sword into a long handled short sword. (Vibe Sword)
Princess Daisy (Battle Ready) by Jeticus
Princess Daisy (Battle Ready)
Princess Daisy before her death was at the head of most assaults during the first war after Mario was murdered by Bowser. Her tomboy personality allowed her to adapt to combat quite well and she was already at the peak of fitness due to her past escapades as a Tennis player, Go-Kart Racer, Soccer player, and other high octane physical activities. While her skills were recognizably apparent her tenacity and arrogance was something to fear in itself. She was known to take out dozens of enemies in mere minutes. Her weapon was forged by a blacksmith that resided in her home kingdom, and is aptly called "Switch" because of its ability to modulate into any weapon Daisy desired. Anything from dual daggers, to a functional scythe. Her shield is composed of the same material that lines a Koopa troopa's shell, making it nearly indestructible. And before you ask, yes, she would throw it, and it would always comeback. Her arsenal and and physical prowess were unmatched as well as her mouth. She was a adept trash talker and would let the enemy always know how useless their assault was. It was this cockiness that would be her undoing. Like all great warriors, when they do finally lose a battle, the stakes are too high to recover from. During a large push on Easton, a small kingdom within Sarasland, Daisy intercepted a troupe of what seemed to be rogue Koopalings, however it is hypothesised that not only were these koopalings highly trained but some kind of genetic fusion of sorts. Making them stronger and faster than Daisy could have been ready for. Luigi arrived just in time to watch them board an airship and escape. As Luigi held his beloved Daisy in his arms he is the only one that heard her last words. 
"You know...Im"
Lord Luigi of the Haunted Mansion by Jeticus
Lord Luigi of the Haunted Mansion
After the death of his beloved Princess Daisy and his brother Mario, Luigi having been emotionally destroyed and believed to had been betrayed, fled to his Mansion where he barred the door and was never seen again. Princess Peach had attempted to go and find him but was met with opposition by hostile ghosts around the area. She decided there was no time to deal with Luigi with Bowser's troops on the move. 
Luigi has been locked up in his Mansion for almost a decade now and has not only befriended the ghosts that haunt it but has also become a powerful swordsman. It was necessary to gain the respect of the mansions more deadly inhabitants. His attire has changed to fit that of a Lord, which is why people that have seen him staring out of his window rarely during the day call him, Lord Luigi. He has mastered a special art form that allows him to summon something he calls "natural essence". This is similar to using power ups, however there are no power ups in his mansion so he has somehow figured out a way to take advantage of the natural essence in his body developed from years of using power ups. He can summon fire at will, and increase his strength without noticeably changing appearance. His weapon of choice is a sword he has designed himself called the "Grunsaber". As powerful as he has become he refuses to leave his mansion for reasons no one quite understands. A war rages outside, but he simply stands by and watches the storm go by. his sleepless nights are no longer haunted by ghosts, but memories of simpler times with his big brother and beloved Daisy.

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